Partner companies

Building Breakthrough Brands

Metabrands targets high-potential niche brands and growth sectors around beauty, well-being and lifestyle.
We focus both on companies that have a real potential for scaling up, as well as product categories that can be differentiated and on which we can add value.

We are primarily looking for brands representing Cosmetics and the Art of Living.
While the size of our future partner is not a criteria, we are selecting and focusing only in best in class management and highly motivated team. Our vision is based on good product with high potential managed by amazing people.

Partner companies

Approach to partnership

We are extremely selective when choosing our partners. We have a culture of excellence and are very focus on the product potential, the team expertise and motivation and have a strong focus on ESG; We acknowledge that our targeted partners are passionate about their brands and are a seller via Amazon.

They have invested a lot of time, energy and work and our partnership’s goal it to move their creation to the next level by increasing sales globally and benefiting from synergy with other partners companies. We share the same passion for creating exceptional products.

We bring to our partner a scalable strong infrastructure and organization, new capital and resources to increase the pace of growth while limiting risks. MetaBrands Partners brings everything needed to integrate our new comer on our common platform.

We strongly support our incoming partners in the process to join us because we know that joining a larger corporation is a very important decision. We know this requires careful consideration, and we will provide you with all support and time needed. We have all the processes in place to assess and integrate partners within 60 days.