Breeding Brands on Amazon & Metaverse
We focus on Brands Management
We Invest More Than Capital
Grow Your Brand With Us

MetaBrands Partners is a fast-growing Technology driven e-commerce aggregator.

Our expertise and focus is on building up a portfolio of branded Consumer wellbeing products primarily sell via Amazon.

We have a defined partner structure that allows us to keep existing acquired DNA while supporting the acquired companies with our knowhow.

We are focusing on brand management and sourcing efficiency and the global marketing to improve growth and profitability.

We believe success comes from focus and growth.

Partnership Deal structure

MetaBrands partners provide capital, value-added partnership, and brand expertise to the most promising emerging amazon product. We tailor our investment position to accommodate the objective of our partner companies and provide incentive to the founders.

Well-being focus

We believe success comes from focus and growth. We focus on our expertise and knowhow in the Amazon ecosystem and in the well-being industry. We breed and grow partners companies successfully through hand on management and strong collaborative culture.

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person.
You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Our Core Values


We believe that a strong collaborative culture is the key to success and growth. Our culture is based on Respect, passionate about collaborative innovation, Diversity, and ethic

Brand First

We aim at breeding Inspiring brands in the well-being sector. We dedicate our time to develop and improve brand awareness using social media.


We are focusing on the metaverse as the main medium to interact with our customers. We embrace the movement away from brick and mortar while always focusing on improving the experience of our end customers.